Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blaming Women?

The article below caught my attention because of the title: “Do Women Have Themselves to Blame for Work-Family Imbalances?”  The article is available at the following link:

Because of my growing understanding of the issues involved, I now realize how much guilt women carry when they are both moms and work outside the home.  They are trying to live up to a paradigm that is impossible to meet.  But instead of support and understanding, most of society gives them judgment and condemnation.  The concept of blaming women for the issues involved with balancing work and family really touched a nerve with me.

But the interview wasn’t really about that.  The title was misleading.  Instead, the women interviewed (i.e., several high-profile women who report for ABC news) hit several of the points I’ve been raising in recent blog posts.  Amy Walter noted that women carry a lot of guilt for trying to balance work and family.  She also noted that successful balancing is dependent on “flexibility and a supportive spouse.”  The interview is worth a quick read.


Romans 8:13
If you live on the basis of selfishness, you are going to die. But if you put to death the actions of the body with the Spirit, you will live.

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